All is Well When you Sell!! Sell!! Sell!!

Digital Marketing Internship Program by Deepak Kankaraju

This mantra I got to know through Mr.Deepak Kankaraju’s Internship Program where he wanted a transmission of 500 people from normal marketer to Successful Digital Marketer. Yes, if you want to be a successful digital marker you have to be a result-oriented person not a normal lead generation person. By the end of the day whatever we do either campaigns or ads or unpaid campaigns CLIENT or USER would look for the results ie Sales of the particular product. If you are not able to do that, then you are unsuccessful.

Do you want to know how to be a Successful or Powerful Marketer?

In a digital marketing internship program conducted by Deepak kankaraju thought us. I will try to explore the same in this article. I am writing this article as my 1st assignment of the internship program. Please bear with me if I am doing spelling mistakes or grammar mistakes.

Let me take two minutes to introduce myself, I am Kalpana Chinna, I work in Skysadobe company as lead generation specialist. I do have 9 plus years of experience in marketing and sales of real estate products. you can also visit my about page to know more.

Who is Digital Deepak/ Deepak Kanakaraju?

I would say, he is a well-known brand of marketing blog. He is one of Top 5 Digital Marketers in India.

He writes a very informative digital marketing blog called through which he is well known to be a DigitalDeepak.

He is a Digital Marketing Consultant, Author, Public Speaker, he runs his Own Agency called Pixeltrack, He also Giving a wonderful online training through his courses. ( you can visit his blog for more details).

you can avail his free Facebook mastery course here

Why Digital Deepak?

As everyone does the searching on the internet, I also search for the unknown things on the internet, One glad day I could come across to know about Mr.Deepak Kankaraju article. then I felt awesome and I subscribed for the emails from him. Every day when I receive mail or I read his article I felt motivated, overwhelmed and blessed to read such articles. Then As the need to progress in career and develop my knowledge I also enrolled for his courses which is a very good step for me.

I always admire from Deepak that he will make the people understand the things in a better way, easy way. Also, he will grab your attention on that particular article or course whatever you read/listen to.

One best thing about him is that he will share his experience through which we should not experience the same. and he will only teach which is going to work not the junk. I would say he is more Subjective.

How I Entered in Digital Marketing Internship?

I missed the first batch of internship, I thought the normal training would be there. and I missed the first one. But after seeing the reviews of the first batch interns students, I was waiting for Deepak to announce the second batch internship. One fine day I got a mail of Digital marketing Internship launch webinar. That webinar happened on February 5th, 2020, in which he told me about what he is going to give training, he announced that Rs14999/- to be paid for joining the internship, and we would get back the amount through our assignment submission after 8 different classes. After assignment submission, we would be reviewed and scores to be given and then validated.

Don’t you feel it sounds good? Even I felt the same, He also told us why he is doing this, he wanted everyone to give 100% attention and only serious people would go for the same. He believes that when people pay money, they will be 100% serious. And people do not value the product which is giving for free.

So what I did, without thinking much I have signed up for the internship program with Rs14,999/-. He also gives the option for the person who is partially paid, and EMI paying people. He is so kind in all of that.

After a long wait, The first day of the internship program came ie. February 25th, 2020. Here we start what is happened in the 1st session.

Internship Session 1 Started

Mr.Deepak started with the triangle of the Understanding process and how it will organize in your mind.

If you are learning something new, It won’t be organized in your mind

If you are doing what you have learned it will apply in the brain to some extent.

When you teach what you have learned you will simplify the things to teach someone.

So, I Will Try to Simplify and make you understand what I have learned through the 1st Session in an easy way.

Set Your Goal

“A normal person with goals and plans can beat the intelligent without goals and plans”- Deepak Kanakaraju

image source:

Why a person or individual Should have a goal?

The goal is the main thing which will make you travel towards it. For example, if you want to reach Bangalore from your place, you will know by when, where, how, why to start. Suppose if you do not know where to start then you will not start/do anything.

I hope you will take a pen and paper to write the goal right now.

Now, Deepak is asking to write Everyone, their goal of the Internship Program. Here are the poll results of the same.

Are you Digital Marketer? Do you know marketing?

Marketing is about,

  1. Understanding human Psychology
  2. Understanding How to Sell
  3. Understanding how to communicate

Once you know the marketing fundamentals you can be a better “Digital Marketer”. What you communicate, how you communicate, how you are solving the problems will never change. At the same time, human Psychology will never change. 20 to 30 years down the line it won’t change.

Now, we will see how to understand human psychology & the Market.

Finding the Wealth(Finding the Gold)

Wealth is already there in the market, But what you are going to find, how you are going to find, how you are to going to find are matters a lot,

Here are the Actual marketing process starts.,

Ever-Expanding Market

In Market infinite niches are available,

For Ex., human beings living style process is there from moving one place to another place started with a walk, cycle, bike, bus, Train, Car, Flight, etc.

Once the car is invented, people had the need for the seat cover, Sound Systems, Tyres, So you can think about pre and post-sales of any product/things.

More and more things need a solution to a problem then the more solutions & more need would arrive on the solved solutions, It keeps expanding,

Do you really have to know ECONOMICS?

Once you find your gold, you need to make it a shape of jewelry according to the buyer needs right, So How you will know the shape, which design would be liked by your buyer by knowing their status. By knowing the niche you found the need of the buyer,

“Knowing Economics will help to pitch your product according to buyer situations”.

AGE: Deepak Said about the Age of the Indian Economy how does the age would calculate, It is done through the spending on their lifestyle and studies of children etc

Spending Structure

  • 25-30-> spending more
  • 30-35->Spe. Even more
  • 35-40-> spe. Even more more
  • 40-45-> more than last one
  • 45-50-> Less than last
  • 50-60-> Less than Last
  • 60-70-> Zero or V.Less

In India, our lifestyle would start early days between 25 to 30, wherein the other countries it would be very late. you can check the below map, Among these countries,

India is the Best place to start a business and has more Opportunity

Source from

DEBT: Debt is all about creating the economy and creates money, creates a market, Explained Below,

For ex. if you take housing loan then you are under debt for govt, your loan amount would go to builder. And It will show in Builder Transaction

Builder will show his transactions he would opt for loan again to give to someone.

Some would show that transactions and he would opt for loan to give to someone else.

That someone else would choose a loan by showing the transactions.

Money keeps circulating, then the country would be in debt. After Everyone would be in Debt, Everyone would start repaying the loans. The economy starts again. So the Debt creates money, creates market needs.

RECESSION: If you are doing or creating a stand-alone product, when you are honest in your services, Not spending much on the works, then do not worry about the moment.

Strong companies will survive, weak companies will fail. If you are overcoming throughout the recession then you will stand out in the market.

Did Switch on the bulb in you?

YES !! For me, it was a big bulb at the moment, Since this session was a great help on the Indian economy. This was the interesting moment of the Session. Then the small break has been given( you can also take a moment, Don’t go anywhere).

Communication is the backbone of marketing

The Key basic skill of marketing is communication. To be specializing in a specific niche, one of the ways is The art of communication

If you improve in communication

  • you can improve in sharing knowledge
  • you can improve in convincing
  • you can improve in Sales.

“Communication creates Content creation, can become Successful Professional, Entrepreneur”

if your communication is not good enough, make a commitment to improving it.

Easy ways to Become a Master in Communication

  1. Read a lot (30 minutes a day), start with a simple to the complex one
  2. Listen to Podcast (30 minutes a day)
  3. Write a lot, The more you write, the better you can write
  4. Watch English series (the Office, Mad man, etc)
  5. Watch Standup comedy shows to learn the culture and local slangs

“When you keep listening to a language you will be familiar with communication

Future of Digital Marketing?

Some of the languages of technology that do not have a market right now like c, C++, Software, Engineering etc.

Digital marketing will not die, Marketing will not die, because marketing long lasts for 1000 years. TV, Radio, Magazine, Newspaper will require a digital medium now. In Book “Scientific Advertising” (1923 book) One person tried a split testing that time itself. In that, he uses to give two different ads with two different numbers. So the same we are calling as A/B testing. The Process of marketing is the same and Technology making easier to do.

Marketing + Technology = Digital Marketing

How Integrated Digital Marketing works?

Nowadays the TV ads become youtube ads, Posters become banner ads. Here is how integrated digital marketing works,

Quality is content is base for all of the marketing activities like you can build trust, establish authority, engage the audience, Quality Content you can get your post on top through organic search engines. and through the same, we can post on social media to get more visitors to your page. Through the content, we can able to build subscribers (Email List), By Keeping email list you can able to generate sales.

Paid ads will direct our quality content page to build an email list, trust and educate about the product. once the email list is generated then we can pitch our product for sales. It is nicely presented in this article of

Finding A Niche

So you would be thinking about what is niche. Niche is all about “Giving a Solution to a particular need”

Here are some Major Niches are available in the market.

  • Health & Fitness
  • Relationships
  • Money

Here Deepak asked us to say few narrow niches which are listed down.

  • Share market for college students
  • B2B Content Marketing
  • PR for Authors
  • The Motivation for Teenage People

Be Number 1 to create history

Always people would remember number 1 in any field. No one is going to remember no2 in anything. For. Ex. everyone knows who has stepped into moon 1st is Mr.Neil Armstrong. but we are not remembering the second one right., Likewise, we all know who is the 1st prime minister of India. Very few would remember the second prime minister.

So Are you going to create history by being number 1 in the specific field?

How To Select A Niche?

Your Niche Selection
  • Please choose any category under the above segments. (like money, health, relationships)( choose a category where you Enjoy doing it)
  • Then Choose particular audience segments to target( Find the tools to search what people are looking for? Search for Market opportunity or demand for the category chosen)
  • Become expertise in the segment that you choose. ( Talk to your customers and understand the needs, and find a solution to become expertise)
  • your niche should get 1000 customers who will pay 10000 rupees or your niche should get 10000 customers who will pay 1000 rupee which equals earning potential Rs 1 Crore.

How to find Market Demand?

Use google autosuggest for choosing the special topics, for example, in the below image I have searched for digital marketing tips, google is giving a suggestion of people maximum searches like displayed below, So you can choose any of the special niches by doing an infinite number of searches.

Google autosuggest for keywords
  • Use Google autosuggest
  • Look for Amazon Reviews
  • Scratch your own itch ( For Ex.,
  • Talk to your customers
  • Look for pre or post product or services of other products.

Once you find the need look for a solution for the particular problem, Look for the quora or any forums to check for the needs how people have answered for the question, then if people are less answered for the questions you can choose, then you can go down to a particular niche.

Talk to your customers and understand the needs for better solutions for their problems, for selecting a niche look for pre or post product or services of the products.

Why Build a Personal Brand?

Being Known to people is not important for many domains like software, telecom, Banking, etc ., But, In very few fields we should be known to people for getting your success or clients. In that Digital marketing field is most important.

There would be many experts without knowing in the industry that might be existed. But Who Known by people would have much revenue in their business. For Example, we had so many experts for digital marketing in India, But Very few are known like Digitaldeepak, Neil Patel, Sorav Jain, etc.,

So Create your own brand to get familiar with your clients and get more revenue in your business.

  1. The best known will always beat the best
  2. Do not put your content out there.
  3. Show your character and personality on social media
  4. Publish Content in different forms.

Real estate is very limited, But the Internet is unlimited with full of content. By creating more content, “you will own more content, by owning more content you own more the internet”.

Benefits of Personal Branding

  • your style, your tribe
  • People want to hear from people, not from brands
  • you can get a job, close a client or build your own consulting/ training business
  • It is cool to know by other people, Build your own fame within a community
  • Write, Publish Videos, Do Public Speaking

“Be Creative, Be Unique, Be Known”

How the Funnel Works

Sales Funnel for real estate companies
  • Start with the free line where people make inquiries about your product
  • Explain the product well where you will have to build a trust in them where you can create interest in the product
  • Make the Funnel Automated.
  • Either you visit them or they visit you, you can build a relationship with the customers.
  • Do Multiple visits to understand their needs where you can make a prospect.
  • Definitely they will become your customers.
  • Get 1,00,000 people at the top of the funnel to get 1000 people at the bottom of the funnel
  • Build a Brand Ambassadors

I have taken this funnel for example itself. you could apply the same funnel in your scenarios and get the results as expected.

In the Below video, Deepak has explained his digital marketing strategy and funnel, you can go through it.


Herewith I want to conclude this article,

  • If you have not started writing your goal, immediately set your goal, plan and work towards your goal.
  • If you are just starting your career, then you can start with digital marketing which is a never-dying field.
  • If you are thinking to improve in the communication you can start with simple exercises to improve it
  • If you are finding difficulty in niches you can use the above suggestions and select a narrow niche
  • you can find market demand to brand yourself.

Are you ready to create history by being No1? ??????

Herewith I end with this article, Kindly drop your valuable feedback about the article below with comments.

you can also drop your niches in the comment box.

you can also share your difficulties in finding niches here, I will try to find a solution on the same.

See You,


What is digital deepak internship Program

All is well when you sell. This mantra I got to know through Mr.Deepak Kankaraju’s Internship Program where he wanted a transmission of 500 people from normal marketer to Successful Digital Marketer.

In Internship Program you will have 8 digital marketing training or mentership classes by Deepak Kankaraju.

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